New release – Derrick Baleze – Prairie, Maison, Campagne

After some years of silence, FF HHH is back with an old/new release of Derrick Baleze.

The album ‘Praire, Maison, Campagne’ was recorded in 2009. Some parts in Brussels in a park, some during some holidays in France and finally some at home. It is mostly voice/classical guitar but also voice/el. guitar/drum machine and some mics in the wind.

It is available on bandcamp and it is free or more.

The link:

Upcoming album(s)

(in red update from 16-Feb-2015)

Two albums were recorded in Octobre 2014. (Actually one album)

First, “Sacrifices odieux revisited”. It will be released by FF HHH on cassette. It is the re-edition of the album Sacrifices odieux, re-recorded plus 6 extra songs. (Yes, the first release was a 4-title EP). Mastering by Aymeric de Tapol and artwork by Pierre-Yves Billet. Street date should be for end of december 2014. (Release is for mid-March and it is a co-release by FF HHH & Cheap Satansim Records)

Second, the album “Songs of love and heat”. It is re-recorded. Now, it is good. It will still be released by Matamore with Carl Roosens doing the artwork and Joachim Glaude for the mastering. Album will be available on LP in March/April 2015. (The recording was again not good. The album is on-hold. It should be released in two steps. LP+digital or LP+CD)

Concerts to come

CONCERT – Jesus is my son – 14-Nov-2014

Jesus is my son will play this friday at Micro Marché (Quai à la Houille 9/ Steenkoolkaai 9), 1000 Région de Bruxelles. Vernissage (don’t know the word in English) of the exposition of Fabrice Toussaint.


Information:(in French)
Concert de Jesus is my son:
______Concert qui mélangera
________Le borinage (textes repris d’un reportage)
__________Les sacrifices odieux (Album à venir prochainement)
____________L’amour (Album sur matamore pour mi-début 2015)
______________Le concert sera long.
________________Le temps d’admirer les peintures.

CONCERT – Jesus is my son – 21-Nov-2014
Concert at maisan des musiques (Bruxelles) with AMEN DUNES (From USA d’Amérique)

New website, bandcamp and next release


Long time ago since the last release. Yes, this is true reality.
I hope things will start again. If you are interested in a digital release. Drop me a line.
In December, there will be the first cassette release: Jesus is my son – Sacrifices Odieux (revisited)
It is the re-edition of the first release of Jesus is my son. All songs were re-recorded and some extras songs added.


Some of the catalog is available on bandcamp. I do my best to put some other releases when I find the time for.

It is here:

Also, old website is the new website since the previous new website did not work anymore.

Jesus is my son – New album(s)

I’m working on the new album of Jesus is my son. Actually two albums are in preparation. The first is almost done. For the second, nothing is clear but it will be different. The first album should be released end 2013.

A split with a special cover is on the way too.

More info soon.