Solah – Concerts

Next shows

04/02/2022: BRASS (Brussels)
06/01/2022: L’An Vert (Liege) with Extra Life (US) 

Past shows

25/06/2022: Private concert (Brussels)
18/09/2022: Café Central (Brussels) with Bruno Dorella (IT)

12/11/2021: Private concert (Brussels)
03/07/2021: Private concert (Silly)
26/06/2021: Jambes concert (Brussels)
18/07/2021: Nuits BeauTas (Brussels) with Christoph Clébard (IT)

09/10/2020: La Zone (Liège)
            15/08/2020: Change of name Jesus > Solah
24/02/2020: Meakusma event (Eupen) with Orphan Fairytale
23/01/2020: Palace (Bruxelles) With Eric Chenaux

05/11/2019: HS La Senne (Brussels) with Gaute Granli Mark (US) and Charles Morgan (US)
            15/07/2019: Change of name Jesus is my son > Jesus
09/07/2019: Private concert (Brussels)
16/05/2019: Bibliothèque Universitaire (Metz)
15/05/2019: ‘Le semaine de la musique s’éclate’ (Theux)
09/05/2019: Nuits Beau Tas  (Brussels) with Clara Levy (Ictus Academy)
27/04/2019: De Koer (Ghent) with Radare (D)
24/04/2019: Welcome Spring ! Festival (Louvain-La-Neuve)
29/03/2019: Les Ateliers Claus (Brussels) with Gore (NL)
27/03/2019: Botanique (Brussels) with Dylan Carlson (US)
12/01/2019: KRAAK’s New Year’s Snifter (Gent) with Roger 3000

24/12/2018: Café Central (Brussels)
13/10/2018: Le caf&diskaire (Lille) with Veda
29/06/2018: Musée de la vie wallonne (Liège)
13/06/2018: Rayon – Vecteur (Charleroi) with Jozef Van Wissem (NL)
18/05/2018: Concert in apartment (Namur)
02/05/2018: Café Central (Brussels) with Pastoral
28/03/2018: Sterput (Brussels)
24/02/2018: Le Salon de Baba (Charleroi) with John Russell (UK) / J-J Duerinckx / Matthieu Safatly
10/01/2018: Le Lac (Brussels)

13/11/2017: Magasin 4 (Brussels) with Oiseaux-Tempête (F) and Jerusalem is in My Heart (CAN)
08/11/2017: Point Culture (Charleroi) with Matt Elliot (UK)
30/06/2017: The Arch (Genk) with TG Gondard (Fr)
05/06/2017: Café Central (Brussels)
25/05/2017: Musique(s) de cour (Brussels)
29/04/2017: KulturA (Liège) with Mutiny on the Bounty (L) and Mouse on the keys (JP)
23/04/2017: Botanique (Brussels) with Peter Silberman (US)
12/03/2017: Sterput (Brussels) with Clement Nourry
04/03/2017: Bukta Paktop (Brussels)
10/02/2017: L’An Vert (Liege) with Noria
29/01/2017: Cinema Galerie (Brussels) – Special concert based on music from Jim Jarmusch’s movies.
21/01/2017: Magasin 4 (Brussels) with Andy Moor & Anne-james Chaton (FR/NL) and Quasi Una Fantasia

21/10/2016: L’Eau chaude (Brussels)
29/04/2016: La Raffinerie (Brussels) – Opening Night of the festival NUITS DU BEAU TAS
28/02/2016: 666LaChasse (Brussels)
26/02/2016: Point Culture ULB (Brussels)

11/12/2015: La maison des Musiques (Brussels) with Rraouhhh!, EDH & Hypo (FR) and Tzii (FR)
03/10/2015: Magasin 4 (Brussels) with Acid Mothers Temple (JAP) and ?Alos (IT)
29/08/2015: Yayaya Zoulk Fistival with Frank Shinobi, Tache, …
28/08/2015: Megamoul’s II festival (Nancy – F) with Ovo (IT), X-OR (F), …
14/05/2015: L’Eau chaude (Brussels)
09/05/2015: Placard headphone festival (Brussels)
28/03/2015: Skip the Weekend (Outgaarden) with Winnitou, Colombey, Ignatz and Carrageenan

24/12/2014: Café Central (Brussels)
21/11/2014: Maisson des musiques (Brussels) with Amen Dunes (US)
14/11/2014: Micro marché (Brussels)
17/09/2014: Potemkine (Brussels)
20/09/2014: La bulle (Louvain-La-Neuve) with CamDeas (UK)
27/09/2014: Magasin 4 (Brussels) (Massacrées Belges event)
12/04/2014: La Dame de Pique (Namur) with Xavier Dubois

18/12/2013 : Lab_sin (Brussels) with Soumonces!
22/10/2013: Studio Grez (Bruxelles) with Steve Gunn (US)
19/10/2013: Extrapool (Nijmegen  – NL) with Luca Sigurta (IT) and Machinist (NL)
28/03/2013: L’An vert (Liège) with My Empty Phantom (US)
24/03/2013: Studio Chaudelande (St Pierre Eglise – F) with Jac Pochat (FR), Sobak Mouzzak (FR), Mulan Serrico (FR) and  Zaraz Van Zagram (FR)
23/03/2013: Bocal (Caen – FR) with Jac Pochat (FR), Sobak Mouzzak (FR), Mulan Serrico (F) and  Zaraz Van Zagram (FR)
07/02/2013: Chat Borgne (Bruxelles) with June Bug & The Story Tellers (FR)
02/02/2013 : In a house (Liège) with Anla Courtis (AR)

25/12/2012: Café Central (Bruxelles)
06/11/2012: Botanique (Bruxelles) with Susanne Sunford (NO)
02/11/2012: Cercle du Laveu (Liège) with France Sauvage (FR)
19/10/2012: Habeas Corpus Oktoberfest (Bruxelles) with Carl et les hommes boites
11/10/2012: Madame Moustache (Bruxelles) with Bee and Flower (US)
30/06/2012: Panorama (Charleroi)
31/05/2012: Atelier Claus (Bruxelles) with Extra Life (US)
28/05/2012: Vera Club (Groningen – NL) with Codeine (US)
27/05/2012: AB club (Bruxelles) with Codeine (US)
20/05/2012: La bulle (Louvain-La-Neuve) with Terror Bird (CA)
28/04/2012: Compilotheque (Bruxelles) with Josef van Wissem (NL) and Cian Nugent (UK).
18/03/2012: Kool Strings – Radio show (Liège)
16/03/2012: Karel (Bruxelles) with Vampire Blues (UK)
10/03/2012: BeauHaus (Bruxelles)
17/02/2012: La médiathèque (Liège)
13/02/2012: Magasin 4 (Bruxelles) with Stephen O’malley Vs Chris Brokaw (US)

07/05/2011: Les concerts du néant absolu…  (Bruxelles) with Djoew (F) and Romaric Sobas (F)

25/12/2010: The student (Bruxelles)
10/12/2010: Kinky Star (Gand) with Jean DL
05/12/2010: Magasin 4 (Bruxelles) with Squarcicatrici (I) and Aspect (I)
03/12/2010: L’espace en cours (France / Paris)  with Jean DL
02/12/2010: Data (France / Marseille) with Jean DL
30/11/2010: Musée Nicéphore Niépce (France / Chalon-sur-Saône) with Jean DL
20/11/2010: L’An vert (Liège) with Jozef van Wissem (NL)
07/10/2010: Studio Dame Blanche (Bruxelles)
05/06/2010: Le Vecteur (Charleroi) with Michel Henritzi (F) et Teuk Henri

03/12/2009: Dada Bar (Bruxelles) with Neokarma Jooklo Trio (I)

13/12/2008: La médiathèque (Liège)
03/05/2008: Belvédere (Namur) with Carla Bozulich (US)
26/04/2008: Peniche Fulmar (Bruxelles) with Kkazimir Gluton and Les yeux de la tête
08/03/2008: Le Off (Bruxelles) with Karl et Sepia hours.

21/09/2007: Café Le Relais de Namur (Namur)
07/07/2007: P’tit Faystival (Petit-Fays)
26/07/2007: Médiathèque (Namur)
01/06/2007: Magasin 4 (Bruxelles) with Carla Bozulich (US)
09/04/2007: Studio Dame Blanche (Bruxelles)
21/01/2007: La zone (Liège) with Landsdowne Road, Balderdash and Möse

09/12/2006: La Barricade (Liège) with Madadayo
06/05/2006: Idiolaboat (Liège)