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First Album of SECTE

The first album of SECTE was released the 14th of Marsh. The album is a mix of ethical folk plays by lost noisy musician in the capital of Europe.

It was co-produced by : La Face Cachée, Araki, Do It Youssef, Les Clampins d’abord, Whosbrain Records, Attila Tralala, Cheap Satanism Records and Distro M4.

More info, more to listen, possibility to order a copy on BANDCAMP.

New releases: Martiens Go Homes

Since end of 2019, I play with the Martiens Go Home (sound collective on radio campus 92.1 FM Brussels). The album ‘La rencontre’ are tracks from the first sessions together.

The second album was made during the first lockdown 2020 when all of us were obliged to work from home. A different practice for the Martiens Go Home.

Deuxième danse – Live at L’An Vert

The 10th Feb, Jesus is my son played in Liège at L’An Vert. The concert was recorded and filmed. Three songs will be extracted and put on youtube. The song ‘Deuxième danse’ from the new album ‘Faust et L’Enfer de Dante’, one improvisation and a ‘freely interpreted’ cover of ‘A Woman Can Take You to Another Universe; Sometimes She Just Leaves You There ‘ from ‘Stranger Than Paradise OST’.

Happy new year !

Jesus is my son will give three concerts in a near future:

The 21st January at Magasin 4 (Brussels) with Andy Moor & Anne-james Chaton (FR/NL) and Quasi Una Fantasia – click

The 29th January at Cinema Galerie (Brussels). This is a special concert. I will play music based on Jim Jarmusch’s movies – click

The 10th February at L’An Vert (Liege) with Noria – click

The album ‘Faust et l’Enfer de Dante’ is on the way and should be released in February. More information soon !!!

Some news about Jesus is my son

A release party was organized at l’Eau Chaude (Brussels) the 21st of October. You were a lot ! Thank you.

Some concerts are set up for early 2017 including a special performance on soundtrack of Jim Jarmusch’s movies. all information is available on the website of cinema Galerie.

One track of the incoming album on Cheap Satanism Records is available on Bandcamp .

I did a ‘carte blanche’ during the broadcast of Kool strings. It can be listened on mixcloud.