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New website, bandcamp and next release


Long time ago since the last release. Yes, this is true reality.
I hope things will start again. If you are interested in a digital release. Drop me a line.
In December, there will be the first cassette release: Jesus is my son – Sacrifices Odieux (revisited)
It is the re-edition of the first release of Jesus is my son. All songs were re-recorded and some extras songs added.


Some of the catalog is available on bandcamp. I do my best to put some other releases when I find the time for.

It is here:

Also, old website is the new website since the previous new website did not work anymore.

Jesus is my son – New album(s)

I’m working on the new album of Jesus is my son. Actually two albums are in preparation. The first is almost done. For the second, nothing is clear but it will be different. The first album should be released end 2013.

A split with a special cover is on the way too.

More info soon.

New release – Suboko – A Casa Vazia

Nouvel album de Suboko.

Ce magnifique trio français nous revient avec l’album soeur de Bru-Tes.
Cet album fut enregistré à Porto lors de la dernière date de leur tournée de Mars 2010.
Un album personnel et introspective. Calme et puissant.
A Casa Vazia est son nom.
Un extrait est écoutable sur soundcloud:

Un gentil cadeau vous sera offert si achat groupé des deux albums de suboko.
A Casa Vazia + Bru-Tes

Pour commander envoyez moi un email ( ) ou commander directement sur le site via l’onglet ‘Mail Order’.

For English reader:

New release of Suboko.

Suboko is three French drummers named Bouto, Gully and Regreb. They played drums, metals, turntables, electronics and objects. ‘A Casa Vazia’ is their second release for FF HHH.

This album is the sister of the first one ‘Bru-Tes’. Also recorded live. Here it was during a tour March 2010. Actually, the last day. Last concert in in Porto. The track is a long and quiet moment. Last day before back home.

A special gift if you buy both Suboko’s albums. A Casa Vazia + Bru-Tes

To order: send me an email ( ) or click on Mail Order on the FF HHH website.