Upcoming album(s)

(in red update from 16-Feb-2015)

Two albums were recorded in Octobre 2014. (Actually one album)

First, “Sacrifices odieux revisited”. It will be released by FF HHH on cassette. It is the re-edition of the album Sacrifices odieux, re-recorded plus 6 extra songs. (Yes, the first release was a 4-title EP). Mastering by Aymeric de Tapol and artwork by Pierre-Yves Billet. Street date should be for end of december 2014. (Release is for mid-March and it is a co-release by FF HHH & Cheap Satansim Records)

Second, the album “Songs of love and heat”. It is re-recorded. Now, it is good. It will still be released by Matamore with Carl Roosens doing the artwork and Joachim Glaude for the mastering. Album will be available on LP in March/April 2015. (The recording was again not good. The album is on-hold. It should be released in two steps. LP+digital or LP+CD)