Review – Jesus is my son – Je suis Dieu – Foxy Digitalis

Foxy Digitalis – Jordan Anderson – 28/07/2010 – Link

This is an excellent series of devotional pieces by Jesus is my son, evidently influenced by “Olivier Messiaen’s Christian music,” and attempting to make “a Church organ album with a single guitar without any artifact,” according to notes for the album. It is a highly interesting concept, and the recordings presented here are as interesting as the idea behind them: not only do some of the best aspects of the recordings come from a real heaviness of the distorted, fingerpicked guitar, on pieces such as “L’Ascension du Seigneur” and “Le Chemin de Croix – station 4,” but on the arpeggiated “Hymne a la Vierge Marie,” a genuine highlight of the record, played in what sounds like the style of a Baroque composition, a real sense that the artist has accomplished what they have set out to do is expressed. 9/10 — Jordan Anderson (28 July, 2010)