FF HHH – Release information

Artist: Jesus is my son
Album: Sacrifices Odieux revisited
Format: Cassette (100 cassettes + 15 enveloppes + digital)
Reference : HHH 69
Release date : 2015-05-08
Price : 6 EUR

In July 2006, Jesus Is My Son release its first EP: the 4-titles 'Sacrifices Odieux'. This release was the beginning of the story of Jesus Is My Son. 9 years later, the album is re-recorded and 6 extra tracks are added. The new songs were composed during the years following the 4-titles. Some tracks were finalized quite quick, some others were re-worked from time to time until now.
This release as the 4-titles is an album of contemplation. An heavy, minimal and sweet album.

1. L'immortel plaisir (05:57)
2. La nostalgie des colonies (06:14)
3. Nu et seul (04:33)
4. Cet enfant que tu lui avais fait (05:43)
5. Nu dans un jardin d'enfants (04:14)
6. Eden, Eden, Eden (03:48)
7. La femme de Gilles - Part i (03:11)
8. La femme de Gilles - Part ii (03:36)
9. Solitude (03:15)
10. Violence (04:06)