FF HHH – Release information

Artist: Service Special
Album: Polymorphisme
Format: CD-R (30 copies)
Reference : HHH 97
Release date : 2007-07-01
Price : Sold out

Service Special is the solo project of Sebastien Schmit (drummer of K-branding).
The tracks take several forms from Harsh noise to synthetizer sounds or from songs to free improvisation.
The album was made 'at home' during 2006 and 2007.

Mastering by G. Duby / Graphic design by L .Nyssen

01. Oeil crevé
02. All guitars must die
03. To make some good bread
04. Indélébile
05. Homme
06. Hier, j'ai visité l'IRM part 1
07. The Fancy Fence
08. Etre là
09. Der Liebe und der Tau
10. Drumheadcorp.