FF HHH – Release information

Artist: Jesus is my son
Album: 1914-1918
Format: CD (300 digipack copies)
Reference : HHH 71
Release date : 2012-02-22
Price : 7 EUR

Two years after 'Je suis Dieu', Jesus is my son is back with a new album '1914-1918'. Jesus is my son is a will of loner, a sad and slow moment.

The new album '1914-1918' is based on the first war, the great war. This part of history who killed more than 10 millions of people. The hell of the trenches, a cold hell like Dante described. Between heroism and despair, from the nightmare of the trenches to all theses cities devastated. Thousand of families were destroyed. They all believed this could never happen again. As the album concludes, 'Mieux vaut se mentir et être heureux.

01. Héroïsme et Désespoir
02. No Man's Land
03. Armistice
04. Deux Nuits
05. Patrie et Famille
06. Des Pleurs et Des Larmes
07. Marie-Madeleine
08. Mieux Vaut Se Mentir et Etre Heureux

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