FF HHH – Release information

Artist: Use Other Door
Album: Electricity
Format: CD-R (50 copies)
Reference : HHH 77
Release date : 2010-05-07
Price : 5 EUR

Use Other Door is Dzmitry Zhykh and Veranika Hryn from Belarus (Europe) who currently reside in the USA. Behind the door, there is harsh-electricity-ambient sound or somebody else.

Electricity is the debut album of the experimental duo. Loud silence, free melodies, live backgrounds, Deus en machina. You can`t bless in the same river twice, but, at least, you can record it. Music is freedom, electricity is an ability, life is a scene.

Sound taken in Stamford, CT, among wires, pedals and sunlights.

01. dementia
02. restart bydlo-rakety
03. snoff
04. sinchrospace
05. bbb [mp3]
06. somehow 2