FF HHH – Release information

Artist: Noir
Album: Theme For Brutal Car Crashes
Format: CD-R (50 copies in dvd box)
Reference : HHH 80
Release date : 2010-03-11
Price : 6 EUR

As a bad Monday morning, Noir makes you happy. From the north of Belgium, their music are cold, damp and heavy.

Theme for brutal car crashes comes in a dvd box including 7 pictures of crashed cars.

01. Intro (Cataclysm Part 01)
02. The Car Kept Burning
03. Collision Of The Grotesque
04. Three Pounds Of Wretched Steel
05. Gathering Cars
06. The Ambulances Are Coming!
07. Aftermath At Cross point Zero
08. We Went Faster And Faster, Till We Reached Death
09. Drama At Redwood Highway
10. Broken Windshields And 16 inch Shredded Tiers
11. The Simplicity Of Destruction
12. The Approach [mp3]
13. The Driver
14. Outro (Cataclysm Part 02)