FF HHH – Release information

Artist: Arklight
Album: Teardrop Entreaties
Format: CD-R (50 copies)
Reference : HHH 85
Release date : 2009-03-01
Price : 4 EUR

Arklight are born in 2003, live in nyc and make music with their hands. They sound like animals moaning through their amps and banging on their instruments, too talent-less and poor to do anything else.

A day, a man took a train, he had an ice cream in his hand and a bloody beef heart in his pocket. He walked backward and wanted to dance naked a pickelhaube on his head. He was listening to Teardrop Entreaties.

01. Near Freezing
02. Cities In Tranches
03. St Valentine's Day Massacre [mp3]
04. My Phones Hates Me And So Does My Desktop Aim
05. Draw Down
06. Teardrop Entreaties