FF HHH – Release information

Artist: VA
Album: Free classical guitars
Format: CD (500 copies)
Reference : HHH 79
Release date : 2010-05-28
Price : 5 EUR

‘Free classical guitars’ is a compilation which features European guitarists who are free improvisers. The simple and single rule given to the 8 musicians was: ‘You can do what you want but you must do it on a nylon string guitar’. The 12 tracks give a complete overview of what can be achieved with a classical guitar. From distorted sounds to smooth touch, from silence to an avalanche of notes, each musician invites us to share his vision. To help the listener, each musician wrote a few introduction notes to explain his work.

Artist: Olaf Rupp, Pascal Marzan, Roger Smith, Nicolas Desmarchelier, Sébastien Biset, Mikaele Pellegrino, Grégory Duby, Chris Iemulo

01. Chris Iemulo - Spurt and twister (38,7)
02. Grégory Duby - 1. Troisième danse
03. Grégory Duby - 2. Déshabiller
04. Jean DL - Sans titre
05. Mikaele Pellegrino - 1. Wet paper and unlaced shoes
06. Mikaele Pellegrino - 2. Oh mann...Linda
07. Mikaele Pellegrino - 3. Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz
08. Nicolas Desmarchelier - Trace
09. Olaf Rupp - Coagulations
10. Pascal Marzan - Sans titre
11. Roger Smith - D lite
12. Sebastien Biset - Pagan love