FF HHH – Release information

Artist: Aspec(t)
Album: El obsceno pajaro de la noche
Format: CD-R (50 copies)
Reference : HHH 83
Release date : 2009-03-01
Price : Sold out

Aspec(t) is ASp/SEC_. ASp/SEC_ is A Spiral and SEC_, both from Naples (Italy). They are free-core, noise, electronics. They are free elecroacoustic improvisation.

You are in a small tunnel no light uppon your head, no moon on your left. You walk, you scream, you try to run but you can't. There is no escape. After a while, you stop and you listen. There is El obsceno pajaro de la noche in your ears.

Recorded in October 2008 / Mixing and mastered by SEC_

01. L'osceno uccello della notte
02. Il segno rosso del coraggio
03. Little Boy
04. M2HB (1st part)
05. M2HB (2nd part) [mp3]