Jesus is my son – Biography

Jesus is my son is the solo project of Grégory Duby. This project is a desire for sadness, loneliness and power. It is a long trip where eternity is between notes. Jesus is my son impels the audience to listen contemplatively to the electric guitar.

Grégory Duby is a guitarist from Brussels (BE) active in the field of rock and improvised music. Besides his project Jesus is my son, he plays in the trio K-branding and records albums of improvised or acousmatic music. He creates the label FF HHH and he is one of the mainstays of Mandaï Distribution.

With Jesus is my son, Grégory wants to approach the idea of immortality, to render each event eternal. Thanks to this slowness, the time stretches itself and eternity may rush into this free space. The first release of Jesus is my son is the 4-title ‘Sacrifice Odieux’. The music of this EP is hot, suffocating, slow and desertic. April 2010, the album ‘Je suis Dieux’ is issued. With this second release, Jesus is my son’s music becomes more mystic, more aggressive, more distorded. The sound and the themes are close to Olivier Messiaen’s church organ music.

In February 2012, the second full album named ‘1914-1918’ is released. The theme of the album is the great war. This album is not about battles or politics. The scope of the album is outside the action. It relates the lifes of the soldiers between battles, the survival in the trenches, the fear to disappear. It tells also about decimated families, about the long silences before the fights. With this album the war is told through its non-events and gives it its real dramatic meaning.

Release of Jesus is my son
1914-1918 (Full album CD / 2012 / FF HHH)
Je suis Dieu (Full album CD-R / 2010 / FF HHH)
Sacrifices Odieux (4-Title CD-R / 2006 / FF HHH)

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