FF HHH – Release information

Artist: Cumulative Trauma Disorder
Album: Cumulative Trauma Disorder
Format: CD-R (50 numbered copies)
Reference : HHH 73
Release date : 2011-08-22
Price : 5 EUR

Chris comes from the Belgian post-punk-electro-industrial scene and Fabrice Toussaint is a no-wave addict. In 2010, they started their duo 'Cumulative Trauma Disorder'. A cumulative Trauma Disorder is a condition where a part of the body is injured by repeatedly overusing or causing trauma to that body part.

The project recorded free sessions in Brussels. Their music is based on all theses repeated gestures of the common life. It is an interpretation of all depressing and hopeless wounds from our post-modern world.

By forcing all their analog machines, by overusing them, Cumulatie Trauma Disorder transforms each track to a sounding trauma. The tracklist follows the creation order.

01. Trauma III
02. Trauma IV
03. Trauma V
04. Trauma VI
05. Trauma XI
06. Trauma XII [mp3]
07. Trauma XIII
08. Trauma XIV
09. Trauma XV